Sun setting on Nijo castle

southwest turret of Nijo castle illuminated by the setting sun

After 2 years of covid and travel-induced delays, we finally interred my mother-in-law’s ashes at Otani-byo ☸️ cemetery, where the family grave is, in a 納骨 (nōkotsu) ceremony . I don’t have photos of the proceedings, but I can share pics of the meal afterwards 😊🍱🇯🇵

assortment of Japanese foodnon-alcohol sakeOtsukuri: Sashimi plateclam and asparagushalf ise ebisalted and charcoal broiled ayuscroll of Kannon-sama

44 years old today. Took the kids to see the terracotta warrior exhibition at the Kyoto City Kyocera Art Museum

Look what arrived today! 📚

Kyoto: An Urban History of Japan’s Premodern Capital by @matthew_stavros

Been on my list for a while, so as soon as I found out we were relocating back to Kyoto I ordered it so I can read and visit some of the locations IRL. 🙌

Higashi Hongan-ji and Kyoto Tower

Inside of Kyoto Station

Kyoto alley cat

black cat in narrow alley at night

The 手水舎 at Bukkō-ji is still running dry due to Covid precautions

(Photo by my 10yo)

a water fountain shaped as a dragon used for purifying hands at a temple. The fountain is not running

Arrived in Kyoto on a very wet day, Apr 29 2022