@jamesvandyne welcome back! Hopefully your wait wasn’t too long. Mine was about 2hrs from deplaning to leaving the terminal last month.

@jamesvandyne wow that’s impressive! 😲

@jean so much love for Drafts for quick/scratch notes. I really need to check that out. Thanks everyone for the recommendations!


For journalling, linked docs, literature notes, draft writing, etc. I use Obsidian. This is my #ToolForThought

For short and quick notes I’ve used NVAlt, Simplenote, iA, Byword, etc but now testing nota.md

This is not really for capital-w Writing, but a junk drawer.

@jamesvandyne Yes, I am very partial to mission-driven work like that. And I see lots of Octopus recruiters on the HN Tokyo Slack, so it looks like you are growing! That's great!